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Create a prosperous community by connecting to local businesses in your area.

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About Us

You want to support local businesses and charities. However, finding a reliable way to do so that is both easy and cost-effective can be difficult. Founded in 2018, we realised that local businesses need new ways to connect with us, the consumers. Now, more than ever. And as the bigger corporations harness technology to their advantage, we have levelled the playing field by creating Oiyaa for you. Oiyaa is a new-generation circular loyalty platform that rewards local people for supporting local businesses.


Is Oiyaa right for me?

If you’re looking for a community where you know that your contributions to society play a vital role in the growth and prosperity of local businesses, then Oiyaa is the perfect app for you. Through the app, you join the popular Loyalty Platform that rewards you with loyalty tokens that can be used as cash. Additionally, you can save money through early access to specials, earn discounts through continuous use, and best of all, the app is free to use.

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Why your business should be on Oiyaa ?

It’s FREE. There are no minimum contracts, no set-up fees, and no hardware costs. Oiyaa is an innovative app that gives you the power to promote your local business to thousands of local users, leveraging technology in your favour. Download your retailer app now

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How We Work

As a new-generation circular loyalty platform that rewards local people for supporting local businesses, Oiyaa aims to create a thriving local economy. But what does this mean? Simply watch this short video for a quick explanation.