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Loyalty app Oiyaa rolls out across Portsmouth encouraging people to shop local and giving a free £20 sign up credit

Oiyaa was designed by Neeta Dhorajawala, CEO of Localvalu, and it launched in Watford in June. It is also poised to launch in three other locations this year. Now Neeta said she hopes it will become a nationwide app by the end of next year.

Neeta said: ‘We are fighting for what is valuable for the high street – rejuvenating the high street. ‘We believe that Oiyaa will be the go-to tool of choice for retailers in Portsmouth. We are excited to roll out here, as we played a major part in the Nectar Local trial, and our shareholders are based in Hampshire.’ Pictured: CEO of Oiyaa, Neeta Dhorajiwala Picture: Habibur Rahman Marketing firm Heard About Sam will lead the project for Oiyaa in Portsmouth and it has already seen businesses such as The Mystic Coffee Lounge in Cosham sign up. Kate May, who runs the cafe, said: ‘This is really good for the high street, to bring in new people to the shops. It’s a really good opportunity after the past 18 months to get people back into the high street and support local businesses.’ Samantha McGrath, from Heard About Sam, said: ‘Oiyaa stands out as the newest app focusing on loyalty across the community. It’s important that Portsmouth’s businesses continue to grow, attract new customers and keep profits high. ‘Oiyaa offers a profit share to charities and organizations within the city, personally, this makes it a natural choice to work closely in partnership with Shaping Portsmouth to ensure our community projects benefit from some extra funding.’ Oiyaa is free for customers. It is open to open to all local businesses - from shops to hairdressers and from tradesmen to restaurants.

There’s no minimum contract, no set-up fee, or hardware costs, and it can also facilitate online ordering, pre-bookings, order-at-the-table options, collections, and deliveries at a fraction of the cost charged by other suppliers.

Watford Borough Council has struck a partnership with shopping app Oiyaa Alocalshoppingappisset to offer discounts in Watford town center after striking a deal with the borough council. Oiyaa partners with small businesses and offers discounts and rewards to customers who buy things via the app. The company hopes it will drive customers towards supporting local businesses rather than spending money at online retailers. Watford Mayor Peter Taylor said: “I have no doubt that the Oiyaa app will prove to be a valuable asset to Watford retailers facing the current high street challenges.” It is hoped shopping app Oiyaa will give a boost to small businesses in Watford town center. Oiyaa is also donating a percentage of each transaction on the app to the Watford Helps Covid Appeal, which provides funds for charities playing a vital role in helping Watford recover from the pandemic. Neeta Dhorajawala, CEO of Localvalu, which designed the app, said: “We believe that Oiyaa will be the go-to tool of choice for retailers looking to recruit and retain a new and loyal customer base. "We have designed the app to be the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ for every retailer on the high street.” Oiyaa launches on Tuesday, June 8 with a sign-up event for local businesses at the Holiday Inn on Clarendon Road, which will also be attended by the mayor.

An online business platform is launching its new loyalty app, in a grand opening ceremony at Chocstop in Bury. Oiyaa is a company that aims to partner with small businesses and consumers to increase footfall through loyalty services and apps. The new Oiyaa app can be used in any retail establishment that signs up to become an Oiyaa retailer through the company's website and involves the matching of a QR code at the tills.

Consumers who download the app automatically have a £20 token to start and every time they use it to reduce the price of items, in a system called '"Self-circulating Loyalty.' Neeta Dhorajiwala, CEO of Oiyaa, said: "We are a true community program, and want to help the businesses that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. "We are all about working with consumers and businesses to open the doors for smaller players and put them on more equal footing. "My passion has always been to work with independent businesses who have been totally left behind and help them because they have been charged extortionate prices by some service providers, loyalty schemes, and delivery services. "We want to become part of the DNA of the high street and I am really excited about the launch because we're going to give small businesses the tools they need to bounce back stronger from the pandemic. "I've always been passionate about working with small retailers and the pandemic has really hit them hard so we're very keen to help rectify that, by coming out with a rewards program that is like Nector on steroids." Retailers who use the scheme must agree to give the customer a five pc discount. In return they can have a free marketing tool via the app allowing them to make special offers not just to their existing customers but to all Oiyaa users, giving them a potentially bigger audience. Several businesses in the Bury and Bolton area have already signed up for the app.